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US Pressure Vessels uses the rules of the National Board Inspection Code to perform any alterations or repairs to your pressure equipment. Now you can be confidant that you are getting the best there is!


Our National Board “R” Symbol Stamp allows us to alter or modify your existing pressure equipment to suit changing operational needs. We can design, fabricate and install attachments or perform re-rating calculations based on existing conditions. Using our design and fabrication team you can modernize your equipment without capital outlay.

Complete or Partial Rebuilds:

At your request, we will evaluate the condition of your mechanical systems, and help you determine the work required to return your pressure equipment to original design pressure or capacity. We can then provide the most cost-effective repairs to make your equipment perform like new. You can now avoid costly and time-consuming replacement of your pressure equipment by having US pressure Vessels return your equipment to like-new condition.

Contact us today to find out how we may meet your needs!